When Will Starlink IPO? When Cash Flow Can Be Predicted ‘Reasonably Well’ Says Elon Musk

Pre-orders of SpaceX’s Starlink internet service provider (ISP) became available on a first-come, first-served basis on Monday. And with so many fans wondering when they’ll be able to use the ISP for themselves, it also begs the question: does founder Elon Musk plan to take Starlink public like he has done so with Tesla?

On Monday night, Musk responded to two tweets about whether Starlink planned to make an initial public offering (IPO), stating that the SpaceX company definitely planned to go public “once [it] can predict cash flow reasonably well.”

In an earlier response, after being asked if the service would be offered more affordable in developing countries, Musk also emphasized that Starlink needed to weather around a year of “negative cash flow,” in order to make the company profitable, or even just financially viable.

In a staggering offer of details, Musk also shares that every single satellite constellation in the past has gone bankrupt, but that Starlink hopes to be the first not to do so.

Regardless, Musk offers a bit of perspective to the average eager Starlink enthusiast, emphasizing the difficulty in the task at hand and sharing that it’s a “staggeringly difficult technical & economic endeavor.” But perhaps with a little luck, patience, and a lot of careful financial moves, consumers will soon be able to publicly invest in the SpaceX company, directly helping to provide an affordable, efficient ISP to rural customers around the world.