Tesla Offers Free Supercharger Miles on Inventory Purchases in Europe

Tesla is offering free Supercharging miles on inventory purchases in Europe for orders delivered by March 31, as spotted and pointed out by @Tslachan.

The deal offers users up to 3,000 free Supercharging miles in England, or up to 5,000 kilometers in Germany. Additionally, buyers are being granted free Tesla Referral Credits whether they were referred or not.

The news comes as the end of the year’s first quarter approaches at the end of the month. Tesla often offers discounts and deals to bump sales near the end of some key quarters and years. As one example, Tesla offered 10,000 miles of free Supercharging to buyers in Europe and the U.S. ahead of the end of December.

Tesla notes in its description of the current deal that buyers can receive a maximum of 3,000 Referral Credits, which are redeemable for merchandise items through the company’s website.

In the first quarter so far, Tesla has significantly outsold other automakers throughout most European countries, as led by the Model Y SUV. Germany saw a particularly large boost in Tesla’s sales, where the company now has a Brandenburg-based Gigafactory.

The Model Y has been a top-performer amongst Germany’s larger auto sales sector, and last month, delivery timeline estimates improved in the country on all Model 3 and Model Y orders.