Tesla Offers 10,000 Miles of Free Supercharging for U.S. Buyers to Push December Deliveries

This morning we reported on Tesla offering 10,000 km of free Supercharging for those in Europe, to incentivize December deliveries.

Now, Tesla North can confirm the automaker is offering up the same promo for the United States. A text message from Tesla was sent to prospective customers today, urging them to take delivery from now until the end of December to get a free Supercharging bonus.

According to a text message received by WaitingforTesla.com and shared with Tesla North, the Tesla store in Tampa Bay, Florida, says 10,000 miles of free Supercharging will be provided for deliveries taken from now and December 31, 2022. That’s about the equivalent of $1,000 USD worth of free Supercharging.

These Supercharging miles are good for two years and the perk is on top of the current price adjustment on orders of $3,750. So we have about $4,750 USD in perks for December deliveries in the U.S. It’s unclear if this free Supercharger perk is available in Canada as well, for example.

The text message closes by saying, “interested in taking advantage of this special incentive? Reply YES”.

On December 1, Tesla started offering a $3,750 discount on Model 3 and Model Y orders for U.S. December deliveries. To get 10,000 miles of free Supercharging to use over two years is a great perk, considering we’ve seen rates fluctuate over the past year.

Did you receive a text message from Tesla with this same U.S. Supercharging perk for December deliveries, or other nations? Let us know in the comments below.