Tesla Estimated Delivery Times in Europe Get Pushed Back

Photo: Tslachan

Tesla’s order configurator in Germany and other European countries have changed delivery timelines on certain Model 3 and Model Y units, as spotted by @Tslachan on Tuesday.

Now, buyers in Germany will see delivery timelines of 2-5 weeks on Model 3 and Model Y orders, with the latter in new Midnight Cherry now showing 18-21 weeks, while those in Deep Metallic Blue are showing 22-25 weeks.

Additionally, similar timeline changes have taken place on the Model Y RWD and LR models in Denmark (March-April), Italy (May-June), Ireland (April-May), Norway (March-April) and Sweden (March-April).

Until Monday, Tslachan confirmed that all models and variants in Germany showed delivery timelines from February to March, with the exception of Midnight Cherry (June-July) and Deep Blue (July-August) paint colors.

Tesla as you can see is noting the estimated delivery times in weeks, instead of months.

It comes just days after news broke that Tesla sales in Germany surged 912 percent year over year, following the automaker’s sweeping price cuts across most markets worldwide — and a number of subsidy and finance rate upgrades for leased vehicles in Germany.

The Tesla Model Y was also the best-selling car in Europe for a second month in a row in December, beating out the Model 3 and the Dacia Sandero.

Tesla also overtook Volkswagen in 2022 as the top-selling electric vehicle (EV) brand, after its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg opened last year in Grünheide, Germany.

Recently, a drone flyover of Giga Berlin seemingly showed what looks like possibly the next blue color coming for the Model Y.