First Tesla Model Y in ‘Abyss Blue Multicoat’ Spotted at Giga Berlin? [VIDEO]

blue model y giga berlin

Back in October 2021, Tesla’s mobile app code leaked new paint colors were coming from the company’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany.

The colors ‘Deep Crimson Multicoat’ and ‘Mercury Silver Metallic’ have turned to reality as Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver for the Model Y for customers in Europe and the Middle East, made from the advanced paint shop at Giga Berlin.

That leaves ‘Abyss Blue Multicoat’ as the lone color found in the mobile app code that has still yet to debut, until now it seems.

In a new drone flyover of Giga Berlin by the_wolfpack_berlin on Saturday, the channel spotted what appears to be a blue Model Y on the site, which does not look like Deep Blue Metallic currently available from Tesla. It’s hard to tell from the video but it does look like a lighter shade of blue.

Check out some screenshots of the video below of this blue Model Y at Giga Berlin:

blue model y giga berlin

blue model y side angle

model y abyss blue

This blue Model Y is parked next to some other Model Y vehicles with missing hoods. It could be a test production version of ‘abyss blue multicoat’. The color seems to change depending on the angle of the sun.

Check out the video below at about the 28-minute mark and share with us in the comments whether you think this is a new blue color from Giga Berlin or not:

YouTube video

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