New Tesla Paint Colors for Giga Berlin Revealed Inside Mobile App

Photo: Timo Schadt / T&E Magazine

Tesla updated its mobile app to version 4.2.1 for iOS users yesterday, and inside code strings, details of new paint colours coming to Giga Berlin have been revealed.

According to @Tesla_App_iOS, new references to paint colors were found:

  • Deep Crimson Multicoat
  • Abyss Blue Multicoat
  • Mercury Silver Metallic

Tesla paint colours giga berlin

It’s unclear what these new paint colors will look like. But we saw a glimpse of Deep Crimson at Giga Berlin. Some Tesla owners have tried to speculate with concepts on what these colors may look like, such as @tesla_adri:

Other tidbits found by @Tesla_App_iOS, was that Sentry Mode live viewing will only be possible on your smartphone, and not events/clips. Live streaming from the app will also have end-to-end security.

During Tesla’s Giga Berlin County Fair and factory tour, the company had one of its newest colors out in the open for people to look at on a Model Y, a deep crimson red color that Elon Musk has talked about before in the past.