Tesla January Sales in Germany Surge 912% Year-Over Year

Tesla’s vehicles are hitting the ground running in Germany, with sales growing steeply since its opening of Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg last year.

In January, Tesla’s vehicle registrations made up 2.4 percent of all new registrations, according to the local motor regulator the KBA (via Reuters).

Tesla’s vehicle registrations jumped by a whopping 912.2 percent year over year, accounting for 4,241 total deliveries, up from 419 in January 2022.

Typically, Tesla’s deliveries in Germany start low at the beginning of the quarter before ramping toward the end of the quarter. For example, Tesla saw just 3,185 registrations in Germany in October, before that figure rose to 16,948 in December.

The January figure is the highest number of registered vehicles in Germany in the first month of any quarter yet, with October’s registrations as the runner-up.

Tesla’s deliveries are also up year over year, after seeing just 419 vehicles registered in the same month last year.

The news comes after Tesla cut its prices in markets around the world, with prices dropping by between 1 and 17 percent on Model 3 and Model Y units in Germany last month.

In addition to the price cuts, Tesla also began offering maximum subsidies in Germany, with leasing and financing options now starting with rates as low as 0.99 percent.

Tesla also overtook Volkswagen last year as Germany’s best-selling electric vehicle (EV) brand.