Tesla’s November Deliveries in Germany Hit Near Record, Up 93% YoY

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

U.S. automaker Tesla is posting strong numbers in the German auto market, with the company’s November performance nearing record delivery figures.

Tesla delivered 10,819 vehicles in Germany in November, according to data from the KBA shared on Monday (via @Berlinergy).

The delivery figure represents an increase of nearly 93 percent year over year, compared to the overall market increasing just 31 percent year over year. Additionally, the month marked the automaker’s second-best month ever behind September’s roughly 13,700 vehicles delivered.

The figure also marks Tesla’s best second month in a quarter ever in the country, beating out around 5,900 deliveries in February, which is the second month of the first quarter.

Tesla’s almost 93-percent increase in registrations was followed by fellow import brands Dacia (+83.3 percent), Seat (+63 percent) and Toyota (40.1 percent).

Tesla also led year-to-date electric vehicle (EV) registrations in Germany as of the end of October.

The news comes amidst a major delivery push in Germany, for which Tesla began offering bonus compensation ahead of cuts to the country’s EV incentives in 2023.

In September, Tesla said it was aiming to double its sales this year as it has continued expanding its storefront presence in the country.

Additionally, Tesla opened its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg earlier this year, which has been gradually ramping up production ever since.