Tesla Launches Full-Self Driving Beta for All Paid Customers in North America

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced earlier today that the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta is now available to anyone in North America “who requests it from the car screen,” provided they have purchased the upgrade.

The Full Self-Driving upgrade currently costs $15,000 USD in the U.S. and $19,500 CAD in Canada. It looks like Tesla’s beta program will no longer be limited to drivers with high Safety Scores, although bad driving and a low Safety Score could likely still get you kicked out.

At the Gigafactory Texas grand opening event back in April, Musk said a North America-wide release of the FSD beta would come this year. “The Tesla Autopilot and AI teams have done an incredible job building real-world AI, and we’re able to move to wide beta for all self-driving customers in North America this year,” he said at the time.

While FSD is still considered a level-two driver-assistance system on account of it requiring the driver to be attentive when it is engaged, Tesla is taking steps toward completely autonomous driving with every update.

Last October, Musk proclaimed “the day FSD goes to wide release will be one of the biggest asset value increases in history.”

Version, which started rolling out to public beta testers last week, brought notable improvements and removed an exclusion zone in downtown Toronto, Canada.

FSD beta 11, which is a few weeks away for the public, will be a major leap forward as it will introduce a single-stack system by merging Tesla’s city-driving software stack (FSD) with Autopilot, which covers highway driving.