Tesla FSD Beta Full North American Release Coming This Year

Tesla plans to roll out its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta to all of its North American customers who have purchased the $12,000 USD ($10,600 CAD) upgrade sometime this year, said CEO Elon Musk during the ‘Cyber Rodeo’ grand opening event at Gigafactory Texas on Thursday.

“The Tesla Autopilot and AI teams have done an incredible job building real-world AI, and we’re able to move to wide beta for all self-driving customers in North America this year,” said Musk.

Tesla first released the FSD beta to a small number of testers in the U.S. back in October 2020. A wider expansion in the U.S. came last year, along with the introduction of Tesla’s “Safety Score” system to regulate that release.

FSD owners in Canada didn’t get access to the beta software until just last month. Even with the FSD beta now available in Canada, only drivers with Safety Scores of at least 98 can download it.

During its Q4 2021 earnings call earlier this year, Tesla revealed that nearly 60,000 vehicles had opted into the FSD beta. A North America-wide release would put the beta in the hands of every single Tesla owner in the region who has paid for the FSD upgrade.

At the company’s Q4 2021 earnings call, Musk also said he believes Full Self-Driving will be “achievable this year” with a safety level greater than that of a person.