Tesla Removes Downtown Toronto Exclusion Zone from FSD Beta as Promised

Fsd beta downtown toronto

Image via @ByeonChansoo

When Tesla first expanded its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta outside the United States to Canada earlier this year, downtown Toronto, Ontario saw an exclusion zone.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the time, he said it was because “Toronto streetcars are not handled well by FSD.”

But in October, Musk hinted the downtown Toronto geofencing could “maybe” be removed with FSD beta 10.69.3.

Now, it appears Tesla has indeed made moves to unlock downtown Toronto for FSD beta testers, according to Chansoo Byeon (@ByeonChansoo) on Monday afternoon, who noted has removed the exclusion zone.

Byeon has long been asking Musk about removing this exclusion zone and today shared a screenshot of FSD beta being used in downtown Toronto, driving towards Adelaide St. E., with the feature also working along busy streets such as Queen Street.

While Canadians have access to FSD beta, they’re still waiting for a monthly FSD beta subscription and also other company services such as Tesla Insurance.

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