Tesla Offers Financing Promo for Model Y Performance in Germany

Photo: Tesla_Adri

New financing options are available for select German buyers of Tesla’s Model Y Performance, as detailed in an email shared on Sunday.

Tesla is emailing some customers in Germany with a promotion offering new financing deals for the automaker’s Model Y Performance (via @Tesla_adri).

In the emails, Tesla offers financing at 475 euros per month with interest rates starting at 3.39 percent, also including a button to schedule a test drive with Tesla.

@Tesla_Adri, who shared the email, said that the deal couldn’t be found on the company’s website, making this a promo deal for select customers. The email also notes that the financing offer comes from the Santander Consumer Bank AG.

The fine print says the purchase price is 66,470 euros with 13,294 euros down payment. The first monthly installment is at 475.58 euros, followed by installments of 475 euros each for 60 months at 3.39% APR, with a final installment of 32,179 due at the end, for a total purchase price of 73,518 euros.

In May, reports showed that Tesla’s Giga Berlin-Brandenburg was making 86 Model Y Performance bodies per day, just a few months after becoming fully operational.

A video shared in June shows that the Berlin-made Model Y Performance has a slightly softer ride than the Shanghai-built version, featuring lined-door pockets.

German-built Model Y Performance units also have added sound dampening panels, as shown in a video from April.

Additionally, Tesla’s Model Y Performance units built at Giga Berlin feature revised Pirelli T1 tires, rather than the company’s T0 tires.