Berlin-Made Tesla Model Y Performance Appears to Have Softer Ride vs Shanghai Builds [VIDEO]

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A new video from RSymons RSEV details the differences between the Giga Berlin-made Tesla Model Y Performance, compared to the channel’s Model Y Long Range made at Giga Shanghai.

To start, RSEV says the Berlin Model Y apparently has some revised speakers at the front bar, noting only mid-range speakers are there now and tweeters are notably absent, resulting in just tweeters along the interior by the side mirrors. Also new are apparently different amplifiers, resulting in “better sound” versus Shanghai-made Model Y Long Range, which are supposed to have the same speaker setup.

When it comes to the front seats, the channel says side bolsters appear to have improved, while the glove box now also opens slower and softer than before.

In the front and back door sides, the hard plastics are now replaced with a softer touch material, while the door pockets are now lined with a fleece-like material (we saw this before already).

The channel says the rear seats feel tighter fitting, while the sides also have carpeted sides by the seat belts.

In the rear trunk, the Berlin Model Y also has a parcel shelf. We also see the trunk sides again also are now carpeted. The channel says the trunk struts close quieter and are smoother.

After taking the Model Y Performance from Giga Berlin on a short test drive on a grassy field, the channel noticed it felt more comfortable and less jarring versus their Model Y Long Range made at Giga Shanghai.

The owner of the Model Y Performance said when driving and doing hard cornering, the stock front mud flaps are able to scrape along the road, indicating a slightly softer suspension.

It seems the slightly softer suspension is not just limited to Model Y Performance builds from Giga Berlin. One comment on YouTube from a new Shanghai-made Model Y Performance owner, said “the suspension has been softened on it as well, compared to my old 2020 [Model 3 Long Range], produced in Fremont.”

Again, testing the softness of suspension can be subjective, so it’s hard to make a firm conclusion on these differences. If you have Berlin-made or Shanghai-made Model Y Performance, are you seeing a slightly softer ride versus your previous Teslas owned?