Berlin-Made Tesla Model Y Performance Gets Lined Door Pockets

Model y berlin new door pocket

Yesterday we shared a video that compared a made in Germany Tesla Model Y Performance versus a made in China Model Y Long Range.

One of the differences worth highlighting is the addition of lined front pocket doors on the Model Y Performance made at Giga Berlin.

According to the video from Nico PQ – cars & rebuilds, we can see there’s now felt lining on the Model Y Performance. You can see the differences in our screenshot above, with the Model Y Long Range on the left and Model Y Performance on the right.

This pocket door fits a water bottle nicely and the addition of a felt lining means less rattling and noise for whatever contents sit inside this door pocket (especially loose change).

This lined area in the front door pocket in the Berlin Model Y Performance joins the recent addition of a lined trunk area from cars made at Giga Berlin as well.

The Model Y in Germany also has a rear cargo cover joining cars made at Giga Shanghai; these new cargo covers were recently spotted at Giga Texas, suggesting they’re coming to the United States.

Tesla continues to tweak the interior of its vehicles over time; if you’ve waited until now to purchase the Model Y from Giga Berlin, you’ll get the latest features—except the new 4680 structural battery pack, only available for the Model Y from Giga Texas (for now).