Tesla Model Y in Germany Adds More Fleece Lining in Trunk Area

Photo: CustomTesla

It’s not uncommon for Tesla to make small changes to each of its vehicles as they come out, and with a new factory in Germany, the company has officially switched out the C pillar down trim in that region.

Tesla has switched out the C pillar down trim from plastic paneling to a fleece cover in the made-in-Germany Model Y, as spotted and shared by @CustomTesla on Thursday.

The fleece addition sits below the new cargo cover and surrounds the existing buttons for lowering the rear passenger seats. The lining presumably could help with sound dampening, while also reduce vibrations when driving with a trunk full of loose items.

The parcel shelf, or cargo cover, was an addition made to Tesla’s Made-in-Shanghai Model Y units, along with cargo hooks in the upper and lower corners of the SUV’s trunk.

Still, the addition of fleece to the MIG Model Y appears to be exclusive to those built at Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg at the moment.

The first Model Y units in Germany are delivering with Tesla’s new AMD Ryzen chip, which uses more power for the car but offers a smoother performance using the vehicle’s touchscreen.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg delivered its first Model Y units on Wednesday, and CEO Elon Musk even gave a few speeches at the event.

On Wednesday, a Model Y with the upcoming crimson red paint job was spotted beneath a privacy wrap.