Tesla’s Germany-Made Model Y Gets Trunk Cargo Cover, Like China [PICS]

Photo: Tesla_Adri

Newer Model Y units delivered from Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory began including cargo hooks and a cover last month, and now it appears that the new German Model Y units will also include the feature.

Tesla’s made-in-Germany Model Y units are delivering with the same cargo covers and hooks as those made in China, as seen in photos shared by @Tesla_Adri from the factory’s delivery event.

The cover, or parcel shelf, is a thin layer in the trunk that covers the contents of the trunk area up to the outside world.

The Model Y trunk for cars from Germany and China includes four hooks total.

The hooks are located in each corner of the trunk and can be used to fasten stored items to the walls of the cargo area to prevent them from moving around.

Photo: Tesla_Adri

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Germany saw CEO Elon Musk in attendance, after the facility was granted approval to begin operating last week.

In addition to its recent delivery event party at Giga Berlin, Tesla is set to hold a grand opening party for its new Gigafactory Texas on April 7, offering factory tours and a similar vibe to the party held for Gigafactory Berlin in October.