First 2022 Tesla Model 3/Y Cars with AMD Ryzen and More Deliver in Germany



Photo: Tesla_Adri

Tesla’s first deliveries of 2022 Model 3 and Y cars with the latest updates have started delivering in Germany, according to photos shared on Friday by @Tesla_Adri. These vehicles have been imported by Tesla from its Gigafactory in Shanghai, China.

These new cars include the updated AMD Ryzen chip, the new 12V lithium-ion battery and laminated rear windows on the Model Y, with the latter now matching the front.

Tesla_Adri also added that there is no information about the parcel shelf or cargo hooks for the company’s Berlin Gigafactory-built Model Y units, as was spotted in updates to the automaker’s Shanghai-built vehicles.

The news comes after a series of Model Y units were seen rotating in and out of parking lots at Gigafactory Berlin, with more than 190 spotted at a single time.

Gigafactory Berlin has yet to get approval from the German government. A spokesperson for the environment ministry said that the agency was in the “final phase of the approval process.”

Tesla showed off the automaker’s paint team at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg in a new 38-second video shared on Tuesday.

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