Tesla’s Berlin Factory Produces First Model Y with 4680 Battery: Report

With Tesla’s more-efficient 4680 battery cells beginning to make headlines in North American markets, onlookers in Europe are still awaiting theirs — though tests show that they may not have to wait too much longer.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg produced its first Model Y SUV with the next-generation 4680 battery, according to a report from the German publication Tesla Mag on Friday.

As Tesla works to upgrade production lines for increased output, the automaker has also been testing innovations on the Model Y, including the 4680 battery structural pack, as detailed by a person familiar with the matter, claims the publication.

The German-made Tesla Model Y with a 4680 battery is only a test vehicle the person said.

Still, the automaker also scheduled test production of a second version of the pre-production vehicle on Friday.

During Tesla’s Q2 earnings call on Wednesday, CEO Elon Musk said that 4680 batteries wouldn’t be necessary to help the automaker reach new delivery record highs for this year.

Tesla reported producing 1,000 Model Y units at the Grünheide factory last month, adding the Long Range variant to its lineup.

In May, Gigafactory Berlin was producing just 86 Tesla Model Y units per day as it continued to gradually ramp-up production.

Tesla was approved in Germany to sell a number of test vehicles it built during its pre-production testing period.