NIO to Unveil ES7 Electric SUV in April, Delivery in 2022

Photo: 42how_

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) automaker sales surged in January, with one such company recently providing some updates at a workshop held in Shanghai.

NIO held a marketing workshop on Tuesday, located at the automaker’s NIO House in Shanghai, as detailed in a post from @42how_.

During the workshop, the company shared a number of highlights it made during the Spring Festival, as well as a handful of easter eggs alluding to the upcoming NIO ES7.

One easter egg included a photo of a covered ES7 SUV model, which according to CnEVPost, will be unveiled in April, with a delivery target pegged for this year. The ES7 is a 5-seat SUV that fits in between the ES6 and ES8, said Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of NIO.

During a Q&A session, NIO announced that 690,000 people entered its store during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, with 5.1-channel concerts on the NIO machine terminal having reached 360,000 uses.

In addition, the company measured 100,000 participants in the new year topic workshop, with 150,000 battery swaps operated in the same period of time.

The NIO ET7 electric sedan debuted last November, and following the official announcement of the vehicle last month, NIO’s stock hit all-time highs.

NIO’s cars are also expected to hit Europe later this year, as detailed in an electric car ad last month in Germany, as well as the company’s joining of the Danish Car Importers Association.