Boring Company Tunnels Being Considered by San Antonio

According to The San Antonio Report, The Boring Company’s proposal to build a pair of tunnels 9 miles long, 30 feet below ground to connect the San Antonio International Airport to downtown is currently being reviewed by the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (RMA).

Back in October 2019, the Alamo RMA started considering a direct transportation route between the airport and downtown San Antonio, and proceed to send out feelers to gauge industry interest in a potential partnership.

The Boring Company was drawn towards the project and has reportedly been in talks with San Antonio’s local government for this tunnel system and several others since August 2021.

A formal request for proposals was issued by the authority in October 2021, and a total of five proposals were received in response.

Austin-based Boring Company’s proposal is one of two that were confirmed by the Alamo RMA to advance to the interview stage.

The Elon Musk-owned Boring Company’s proposal to build a pair of tunnels that would use Tesla cars to ferry passengers the 9 miles between the airport and downtown was scored the highest by members of the Alamo RMA, with 91.6 points.

The Boring Company previously built a similar tunnel loop in Las Vegas, which became operational in June of last year. The Las Vegas loop is currently on track to expand 29 miles and add 51 more stations.

The company estimated that the “Alamo Loop” project would cost up to $300 million USD. The Alamo RMA is not looking to use taxpayer money for the development, so it’s fortunate that Boring’s proposal is based on a ridesharing model that generates revenue and should eventually pay for itself.

“They had proposed a certain level of ridership that seemed reasonable that showed that it can actually make money and there was an opportunity there,” said Renee Green, director of public works and county engineer.

The Boring Company is contending with a proposal from Bexar Automated Transport, a company made up of several transportation entities, for an autonomous bus that will run between the San Antonio airport and Downton on a combination of elevated and underground tracks. The plan came in second place with 80 points and carries an estimated cost of $330 million USD.

Both companies will be invited at a later date to present a full proposal and answer questions before the Alamo RMA makes its final selection. Members of the governmental entity also said they will require both firms to present a plan for public input on the matter, but are looking at a pretty “fast” timeline for the project.

The Alamo RMA wants the project to leave the door to future expansion open. Green also said a transportation project similar to the airport-to-downtown concept is being discussed for The Boring Company’s home city of Austin, adding that it could ultimately connect to the Alamo Loop.

The Boring Company is also working on tunnels for Fort Lauderdale, Florida.