Elon Musk’s The Boring Company in Early Talks with San Antonio

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s underground tunnelling operation, The Boring Company, has already built its first underground loop in Las Vegas, Nevada, and following an accepted proposal in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, another city is reportedly talking with the company about building an underground loop.

The San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SATX) has been in talks with Musk’s The Boring Company for at least two months about the potential of placing an underground loop in the city, according to sources who declined to be named since the matter is private (via San Antonio Express-News).

A number of other companies have also been involved with the discussions, and while it isn’t yet clear what the route would be for the underground loop, the city is reportedly considering various prospective routes.

Among other potential routes, San Antonio is looking at having The Boring Company place tunnels leading from the San Antonio International Airport to downtown. Others, still, are looking to start with a smaller loop that leads to economic hubs like Port San Antonio on the city’s southwest side.

In addition to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida proposal, the Las Vegas loop, and talks with San Antonio, the Boring Company is also in negotiations with Los Angeles County in California about the potential of building an airport loop in the region.