Fort Lauderdale Officially Accepts Elon Musk’s Boring Company Loop Proposal

A concept rendering of an EV driving through a Boring Co. tunnel. Photo: Boring Company

Last week, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Mayor Dean J. Trantalis announced that Elon Musk’s The Boring Company made a formal proposal to introduce underground loops to the city to help mitigate road traffic.

Now, according to Trantalis, the city has officially accepted the proposal from The Boring Company, allowing them to build underground tunnels running from Fort Lauderdale’s downtown to the beach. In the post, Trantalis also says that “other firms have 45 days to submit competing proposals,” although it’s admittedly tough to say who would even try to compete with the Musk-led company’s underground tunnels.

The Boring Company has already completed its first Las Vegas Loop, a 1.5-mile underground loop, which operates beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center. The city also has plans to expand the loop, which transported 4,400 passengers per hour in a recent test, eventually running to the Raiders stadium and to the downtown strip.

The company also announced hopes to build tunnels for freight transport last month, which could change the way the supply chain works and even reduce cargo vehicle emissions.

In February, The Boring Company was also given a green light to continue developments for a San Bernardino County, California loop.