The Boring Company Proposes Fort Lauderdale Transit Loop: ‘Las Olas Loops’



After reports The Boring Company was in talks with Florida in January, the news has now been publicly confirmed by one state official on Wednesday.

The City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been offered a proposal from the Boring Company to build a transit loop between downtown and the beach, according to Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean J. Trantalis.

Trantalis said the loop will be called the “Las Olas Loops,” named after the famed Boulevard in the city. In addition, Trantalis said the move will represent an “innovative and unprecedented approach” to traffic and public transit.

Last month, the Boring Company’s Las Vegas Loop officially went online following a successful passenger test the prior month. It was also revealed last month that the Boring Company has future hopes to build tunnels for freight transport, representing an even larger potential use case for the underground tunnel-based company.

The company’s Las Vegas loop runs 1.5 miles beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center – considered by many public officials to be an excellent way to address traffic in the modern age.

While Las Vegas is currently the only location the Boring Company has an operational loop, the company is already in talks with San Bernardino County in California to build a similar underground loop.


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