Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta Canada Release Date: 2-4 Weeks Says Elon Musk

When will Tesla release its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta in Canada? Elon Musk shared another update for January 2022.

Responding to a query by @NoahWebb_ about an update on the release of FSD beta in Canada, which has been delayed many times, Musk on Sunday afternoon said, “we will start rolling out FSD beta in Canada cautiously in next 2 to 4 weeks.”

Back in October, FSD beta arrived in a limited capacity for a small number of owners in Canada, while earlier in September, we saw some private testers share videos of the beta in action.

In November of last year, Musk said “maybe December” when asked about FSD beta in Canada. He said at the time there were “no guarantees” and the delay was due to lots of “incremental testing and code tweaks for different road system in Canada.”

Musk did not clarify who would be the first to receive FSD beta in Canada. Tesla will likely again cautiously roll out the Autopilot add-on to those with the highest Safety Scores, calculated based on an owner’s driving habits, as what happened when FSD beta first started debuting in the United States.

When FSD beta arrives in Canada, the price of $10,600 CAD may see an increase, as that’s what happened in the United States. Canada and other countries were spared from the previous price jump as they did not officially have FSD beta.

Starting tomorrow, FSD beta jumps up by $2,000 USD to $12,000 USD in America.

But again, we may have to take Musk’s timeline with a grain of salt, given the previous delays of FSD beta in Canada. But we may more details at Tesla’s upcoming Q4 earnings call, set for January 26.