First Look: Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta 10 in Canada [VIDEOS]

Photo: Joshua C

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta 10 has been out for almost a week now in North America, and users in both the U.S.–and now Canada are taking note of how the software is handling various situations.

Canada was destined to be the first location outside of the U.S. to try FSD beta, which was supposed to come last year. But after numerous delays, we’re now finally seeing the first videos shared showing FSD beta on Canadian roads.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier this month FSD beta would hit Canada in “maybe a few months”. While there have been reports of FSD beta testers in Canada for some time now, they haven’t been able to share videos of their drives, until now.

A new series of short videos shared by Joshua C on Tuesday show Joshua using Tesla’s FSD beta 10 in Toronto, Canada. Among the several videos shared to Joshua’s channel include crossing a busy intersection, getting in and out of the bus lane, an intersection crossing, and three separate unprotected left turns, including one particularly aggressive example onto a major road.

In the videos, Joshua’s FSD handles the various situations fairly cleanly, save for a few slightly more aggressive moments during unprotected left turns and a quick acceleration at a stop sign. On one of the left turns, the Tesla actually pulls out slowly into traffic coming from the right to prepare for the turn, upon which an oncoming car slowed to a stop to let the vehicle in – all of which is completed without disengaging FSD.

FSD 10 trying to handle a bus lane on Toronto’s Yonge Street:

YouTube video

FSD attempted an unprotected intersection crossing on a major road:

YouTube video

FSD 10 going for an aggressive unprotected left turn onto a major road with traffic:

YouTube video

FSD 10 taking another aggressive unprotected left onto a busy, major road:

YouTube video

All in all, the videos reiterate the big improvements made to FSD beta 10 from version 9, with many of the traffic encounters going very smoothly, albeit a little quick on the gas making it onto busy streets.

“In general for any region, we need to make software work well, test it extensively & then get regulatory approval. If we could go faster while being safe, we would!”, said Musk earlier this month, regarding FSD beta delays.

Tesla’s FSD add-on for Autopilot costs $10,600 CAD in Canada. It’s unclear if and when a price increase will be coming for FSD in Canada, to match a similar move in the U.S. prior to FSD beta rolling out.