Tesla FSD Beta 10 Pushed to its Limits in San Francisco [VIDEO]




Tesla released its Full-Self Driving beta 10 last week, a long-anticipated update to the semi-autonomous driving software that was expected to make major improvements upon previous versions of the software.

On Sunday, AI DRIVR shared a new video breaking down Tesla’s most recent Full Self-Driving (FSD) release, FSD beta version 10, showing how it performs in a busy downtown San Francisco. The FSD largely performs pretty impressively, even given ambiguous or difficult situations that old versions of the software may not have handled so well.

In the video, we can see a number of difficult driving situations, including a number of FSD-engaged turns and lane changes, with only a few small disengagements throughout the nearly-25-minute video.

Nearing the video’s end, the host said, “Overall, very impressed with 10. This is definitely a step-change improvement just like Elon said.”

The video includes both a number of shots from within the city’s downtown area, as well as some on the city’s nearby freeways. The Model 3 also attempts Lombard Street, an iconic San Francisco road that has caused many versions of FSD trouble in the past.

You can watch AI DRIVR’s full FSD beta 10 drive through San Francisco below, complete with a number of impressive lane changes, turns and other impressive navigation decisions.

AI DRIVR’s video overlay of visualizations from FSD beta 10 is pretty cool to see, as you can get a closer look of what his Tesla can see.


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