Tesla FSD Beta in Canada Arrives for Limited Number of Owners

We’ve already seen videos of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) back in September, being tested on the streets of Toronto, Ontario, but now we’re seeing what appears to be an expanded rollout of the beta software.

Tesla owner Franklin, also known as ‘MotherFrunker’ (@MFrunker), has been one of the biggest proponents trying to get FSD beta in Canada since the latter was made available to limited testers in the United States.

It now appears ‘MotherFrunker’ has been granted his wish, as he confirmed he does indeed have FSD beta in Canada right now. Later tonight, Franklin will be holding a Q&A with Tesla Talks (@tesla_talks) to discuss how FSD beta has been in Canada so far.

Tesla North was told FSD beta in Canada is still very limited and the acquisition of FSD beta in Canada was possible if you know the right people.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made many promises in the past Canada would be the second destination to get FSD beta, but for now, the wider expanded release appears to be mainly in the United States, with those achieving the highest ‘Safety Scores’ getting it first.

“Should be very soon,” said Musk back in March of this year. “Many subtle differences between US and Canada roads, so harder than it seems,” added the CEO, when asked about FSD beta’s impending arrival in Canada.

Tesla’s FSD add-on to Autopilot costs $10,600 CAD in Canada.

Do you have FSD beta in Canada yet? How long have you been waiting?