Tesla FSD Beta Coming to Canada ‘Very Soon’ Says Elon Musk, Citing Challenges

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Tesla CEO has been providing more updates for the expansion of the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta on Saturday afternoon.

Earlier, Musk said there were “high levels” of demand for FSD beta and coming soon would be a “download beta” button in roughly 10 days.

“Availability varies by region due to regulatory approval delays and/or Tesla internal development & testing,” added Musk.

“Note: word “Beta” is used to reduce complacency in usage & set expectations appropriately. All software is first tested internally by Tesla simulation & QA drive teams,” clarified the Tesla CEO.

What about an update for FSD beta for Canada? In a reply to Canadian FSD beta tester James Locke, who currently resides in California, Musk said, “Should be very soon. Many subtle differences between US & Canada roads, so harder than it seems,” when asked about if this expansion would be heading north.

Musk has continued to say FSD beta would expand outside the United States to Canada. So far, it appears the task is “harder than it seems”, according to Musk, hence the ongoing delays of FSD beta’s expansion. In December, Musk said FSD beta would come to Canada “very soon”.

Musk also clarified, “The Tesla FSD computer started shipping in volume in Q2 2019. 2020 cars should all have FSD computers, whether or not ordered as an option.” Customers can only test FSD beta with purchase of the FSD add-on, which costs $10,000 USD.