Tesla Gigafactory Texas Construction Update: Possible 4680 Battery Equipment Inside [VIDEO]

Images shared to Twitter by Tesla enthusiast Joe Tegtmeyer (@JoeTegtmeyer) give us our first up-close view of some of the battery cell production equipment Tesla will be using at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

The equipment pictured will presumably be used to manufacture Tesla’s 4680 battery cells and is likely the same gear we saw arriving at Giga Texas in early November. The images come from one of Tegtmeyer’s recent aerial flyovers of the facility.

With production at Tesla’s Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory on track to start sometime in December, the company is changing gears to now focus on getting Giga Texas up and running.

Last month, Tesla filed for final regulatory approval for Gigafactory Texas. Five of Tesla’s filings were approved in less than two weeks, with $1.06 billion USD in spending for the first phase.

Check out Tegtmeyer’s video showing Gigafactory Texas construction from today, below:

YouTube video

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday said that the Texas Gigafactory is an investment of over $10 billion USD over time, and will directly generate at least 20,000 jobs.

While Tesla is still awaiting final approval for operation and the Gigafactory name has not been approved by local authorities as of yet, the company recently put a ‘Tesla Road’ sign outside the site on Exit 446.