Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas is a $10 Billion Investment Over Time, Says Elon Musk



Photo: Terafactory Texas

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company’s upcoming Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, will be an over $10 billion investment over time.

Musk on Thursday was responding indirectly to Tesla critic, Mike Siegel, the political director of Ground Game Texas, who pointed out Austin had given Tesla $60 million in subsidies to move to the city.

In a response to Tesla supporter @SawyerMerritt, Musk said, “Giga Texas is a $10B+ investment over time, generating at least 20k direct & 100k indirect jobs.”

Musk noted Giga Texas will create at least 20,000 direct jobs and 100,000 indirect jobs, a staggering economic impact of the new Tesla factory.

When a comment was made about Austin already collecting more in employment from the site’s construction crew, Musk replied, “literally”.

Recent filings showed Tesla will spend at least $1.06 billion for the first phase of Giga Texas, which is expected to be completed by this year.

Check out the latest Giga Texas flyover from Jeff Roberts below:

There’s also currently a ‘Tesla Road’ sign outside of the site, put up despite not being fully-approved yet.

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