Tesla’s Fremont Factory Lot Full of Cars as End of Quarter Push Looms [VIDEO]

Photo: Chile AI100 (via @Sawyer Merritt)

A new video shows Tesla’s Fremont Gigafactory delivery lot looking even more full than normal, presumably as the company prepares to make its last major end-or-quarter delivery push for the year (via @Sawyer Merritt).

In the video, we can see mostly close-up drone shots of a number of Model Y units being unloaded into the already-packed lot.

Most of the vehicles which can be seen in the lot include Model Y and 3 units. Check out the video below by YouTube channel Chile Al100:

Tesla’s Fremont Factory was also looking full last month, particularly of Model S and X units set to be delivered.

In May, one report claimed to have seen over 10,000 cars held up at the Fremont factory, many of which were also including Tesla Model S Refresh vehicles.

Tesla filings also revealed the company’s plans to expand the Model Y production lines at its Fremont Factory, once again signaling high demand for the electric SUV.

The City of Fremont also deployed a Tesla Model Y patrol car earlier this year, following a successful pilot program held last year.

Earlier this month, Tesla officially moved its headquarters to Austin, Texas, according to a filing, with Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas nearly completed and almost ready to begin producing and delivering cars.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently emailed employees about the company’s end-of-quarter push, informing them to reduce costs and be more efficient.