Tesla Expanding Model Y Production Lines at Fremont, Filing Shows



Following Tesla’s move to make expansions to its Fremont factory to accommodate a permanent Model Y assembly space in February, the company is officially looking to expand the line, as shown by filings submitted to the city.

Tesla is planning to expand its General Assembly (GA) 4.5 Model Y production line, according to new filings made with the City of Fremont (via Teslarati).

The filings were labeled various relevant titles to the line’s expansion, including “4.5 expansion,” “GA4.5 South Expansion Shell & Utilities,” and “GA4.5 Battery Marriage Tool Improvement.”

Tesla’s February filings with the City of Fremont added a 64,000 square foot expansion to the factory, just before Tesla paused Model 3 production at the Fremont factory for about two weeks.

Shortly after establishing GA 4.5 as a permanent Model Y production line, a Tesla Model Y prototype seemingly with air suspension was seen driving around Fremont.

Later this year, Tesla is expected to reach substantial completion of its Gigafactory Texas, which will effectively help produce Model Y, 3 and S units for U.S. markets.

Tesla already produced its first pre-production Model Y units at Gigafactory Texas last month, and is set to finish up its Texas factory in the months to come – with customers likely taking first deliveries from the new production facility as soon as the end of this year.

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