Tesla Files for Fremont Factory Expansion, Permanent Model Y Assembly Space



According to Teslarati, Tesla has applied for the expansion of its Fremont factory with the city. The filing details the addition of a 64,000 square foot structure to the south of the facility by building foundations and installing below-ground utilities under General Assembly 4.5 (GA 4.5).

With demand for its electric vehicles blooming across the globe, Tesla is constantly striving to keep up.

The Fremont facility in California currently caters to the entirety of the global demand for the Model S and Model X, handles Model Y production for most of the world (Giga Shanghai started in January), and splits Model 3 demand with Giga Shanghai (which is now also contributing to Model 3 demand in Europe).

GA 4.5, which is a spring structure or ‘tent’ at the moment, is where Model Y assembly takes place.

As outlined in application BLD2021-05126, titled Foundations for GA 4.5 South Expansion, Tesla plans to erect a 64,000 square foot structure for GA 4.5 somewhere in the southern portion of the Fremont facility. The move will make the plant’s Model Y manufacturing lines permanent, and supply them with underground plumbing and electrical connections.

The last time Tesla made any additions to GA 4.5 was last year, when they filed for (and later installed) the ‘Giga Press’ — the “biggest casting machine ever“. Tesla tried expanding GA 4.5 back in April but ran into problems with storm-water drainage that had to be resolved.

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