Tesla Model 3 Dominates Global EV Sales in August

The sale of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs) are both on the rise, in spite of some setbacks due to the pandemic.

A new report by EV Sales shows us that while Tesla Model Y saw a major global sales increase in August, the Tesla Model 3 remained the most-sold EV by far, with only the Wuling Mini EV in second place.

The Tesla Model Y sold 8,052 units in August, with Wuling’s Mini EV having sold 9,150 units. Maintaining its status as the top seller, the Model 3 sold 31,281 units, with an incredible 196,106 units sold year-to-date.

Global EV and PHEV sales in August 2020, courtesy of EV Sales

A number of other EV and PHEV saw increased sales numbers in August, despite the fact that the overall auto industry dropped 10% year-over-year. Still, plugin cars made up 3.1% of the market in August, compared to 2.5% the prior year.

The completion of Tesla’s Giga Shanghai is likely a major contributing factor to the company’s success, with the Chinese market making up a major share of its profits. While employees of the factory have been working few shifts since its completion, they’re set to increase shifts after China’s national holiday, signaling another major increase in production.

While Tesla rules the world of EVs right now, other brands are getting their shot at success too, and it’ll be an exciting next several years as companies fall in their places.

Today, Tesla announced record deliveries for its Q4 2020, seeing nearly 140,000 deliveries.

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