Tesla Giga Shanghai to Increase Shifts After National Holiday: Report

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai factory will begin working three shifts after China’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Holiday, as reported by Tesmanian. The holiday runs from October 1st through the 7th, after which the change is expected. The increase in shifts and production were reported anonymously by a source who is familiar with the company and its practices.

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The Fremont Gigafactory runs four shifts total, which many consider “full capacity.” Still, this is the first time Giga Shanghai has moved to three shifts, so it’s unclear whether a move to four is in the future.

Along with the increasing shifts, Tesla has been expanding its hiring and test builds, likely in anticipation of an increase in production of the Model Y.

Demand is already high for Tesla in the Chinese market, so it’s obvious that production will continue to expand with it. But once Giga Berlin is finished and the company doesn’t have to ship Model 3s from Shanghai to Europe, the Shanghai factory is likely to increase production of the Model Y by a substantial degree.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously said he thinks the Giga Shanghai plant could someday produce over a million vehicles per year, and if the company sticks to its current track, it’s likely to do just that.