First Tesla Model Y Pre-Production Cars Reportedly Completed at Giga Texas [VIDEO]

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According to an image shared by @tslaqq2, Tesla has reportedly completed its first pre-production Model Y vehicle at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

“It would seem as though the test Model Y’s are in production at #GigaTexas! This photo was posted publicly, I won’t link to it in case they weren’t supposed to share,” said ‘mouser58907’. The image quickly made the rounds on Twitter.

Sawyer Merritt chimed in after speaking to sources, to say, “Little late to the party, but after speaking with a few peeps I’m convinced it’s Giga Texas. Empty space and green walls in the background also point to this. Giga Texas Model Y’s coming soon! YEAH BABY!!!”.

It’s unclear if the image is indeed an actual pre-production Model Y from Giga Texas, as there has been no confirmation from Tesla CEO Elon Musk or others familiar with the situation.

Model y giga texas

You can check out the latest drone flyover of Giga Texas by Joe Tegtmeyer. Tesla is expected to start producing its Model Y at Giga Texas in late 2021 and start its Cybertruck at the site sometime in 2022.