Tesla Model Y in Europe to Get Acoustic Rear Glass, 12V Li-Ion Battery for Model 3/Y


As Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg comes closer to fruition, European customers are getting excited at new features being alluded to in the company’s parts catalogue.

Tesla has updated its Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) to include the first part for Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg’s upcoming Model Y units, according to the company’s website (via @Tesla_Adri).

The newest part listed is Tesla’s double-paned, laminated acoustic rear glass found recently in its made-in-China (MIC) Model Y Performance units.

The rear acoustic glass joins front acoustic glass to create an even quieter ride than in vehicles with just the front acoustic glass.

In addition, the EPC now also lists the lithium-ion 12-volt battery for Model 3 and Y units in Europe, and it recently hinted at Tesla Model 3 and Y units receiving the new AMD Ryzen chips.

Users must sign in to access the EPC to see the listed parts, each of which is currently in production at Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai.

While Germany is set to be Tesla’s largest market once the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg receives full approval, the facility will also supply a wide range of regions across Europe using the production facility.

In October, Tesla held a huge County Fair Event at its Gigafactory in Grünheide, showing that it was already up to speed and set to begin producing certain vehicle parts.

It’s unclear at this point if these upgrades for Model 3 and Model Y will make its way to the North American, but it seems likely over time they will as Tesla continues to streamline its supply chain.