Tesla Model 3/Y in Europe May Get AMD Ryzen Chips, Hints Parts Catalogue

Amd ryzen model 3 europe

After debuting its AMD Ryzen chips for the Model Y Performance in China, it now appears Tesla vehicles in Europe will also be getting the CPU and GPU upgrades as well.

Tesla first debuted AMD Ryzen chips in its Model S and Model X refresh vehicles, forgoing traditional chips from Intel.

Teardowns revealed AMD Ryzen chips for the Model Y Performance in China and now the Tesla European Parts Catalogue shows the Model 3 and Model Y could get the chips as well, as spotted by @tesla_adri.

“MCU-Z now listed in the European EPC for [Model 3/Y]. That’s MCU 3 with the AMD Ryzen CPU/GPU. In [the] Model S/X refresh the MCU is also called MCU-Z,” said @tesla_adri, also sharing screenshots showing the catalogue parts descriptions.

Amd ryzen model y europe

Tesla’s Model Y Performance in China also gained more exclusive features, including rear acoustic glass (instead of just for the front), plus a new 12V lithium-ion battery, again taking an upgrade from the Model S and Model X refresh.

It’s unclear if and when Tesla vehicles in North America will adopt Ryzen chips, but it seems it will be inevitable, especially if European vehicles are getting the upgrade. Many people will be wondering what the cost of a retrofit will be, and if it’s even going to be possible.