Tesla Model Y AMD Ryzen vs. Model 3 with Intel Atom Chip [VIDEO]

Photo: @42how_

The first of Tesla’s Model Y Performance units began delivering with AMD chips instead of Intel chips last week, and following the switch, we can see the two chips performing side-by-side.

A new video shared on Weibo by @42how_ on Monday shows a Tesla Model 3 with an Intel Atom A3950 chip side-by-side with a Tesla Model Y Performance including the newly-updated AMD Ryzen chip instead. AMD Ryzen is being used in the new Tesla Model S refresh.

In the video, the host performs a few tests using each Tesla’s infotainment screen to bring up information, and it’s obvious which is faster.

In the very first test, the host attempts to bring up an internet page, with the AMD Ryzen-outfitted Model Y taking just four seconds to pull the page up in its entirety. By comparison, the Model 3 with the Intel Atom chip takes a little over 17 seconds to pull up the same web page.

The host completes a series of tests, each of which has the Model Y Performance retrieving data significantly faster than the Model 3.

It was a little over a year ago that Tesla first teased a potential switch to the next-generation AMD Ryzen chip, and it’s hard to deny the hardware’s responsiveness compared to the old wave of Intel Atom chips. It remains to be seen if we’ll see AMD Ryzen trickle down to the Model Y outside of China, and even to new Model Y cars, or if retrofits will be possible.