Tesla Allegedly Considering Next-Gen AMD GPUs for Infotainment System

According to a pair of posts on Twitter by Patrick Schur, Tesla is seriously considering using AMD’s next generation of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in its infotainment system. The posts, as shared by user u/KeyboardGunner on Reddit, include that the EV company is planning to use AMD’s Navi 23 for its cars, also including the models’ sizes of 35mm by 35mm, with a die size of 14.28mm by 16.51mm.

Schur has been known previously for leaking pertinent AMD-related information, so the announcements certainly carry some credibility. But again, we need to take these with a grain of salt.

The post shared on Reddit also argues that Tesla’s recent gaming kick is likely a motivator for the move to AMD’s graphic’s cards for a future unit.

In the original Reddit post, user u/KeyboardGunner wrote, “Patrick Schur is known for leaking AMD related information. He’s proven to be very reliable and clearly has an inside source at AMD so this tweet is VERY interesting.”

The user continued, “With Elon Musk not so subtly hinting at wanting to bring The Witcher games and Minecraft to the cars and the overall push towards gaming on the infotainment, it makes sense that they would want to replace the weak Intel Atoms currently powering the infotainment system (MCU2).”

If the rumor is true, Tesla owners can expect a massive overhaul to the Tesla infotainment system’s graphics power. A full line upgrade from the current hardware, the Navi 23 is based on RDNA 2 graphics technology – offering substantially more visual power to the in-car system.