First Look: Model Y Performance with 12V Li-Ion Battery; AMD Ryzen Controller Board

The Model Y Performance in China has new exclusive features, including its infotainment controller being powered by an AMD Ryzen chip (instead of Intel), rear laminated acoustic glass and now finally confirmed, a 12V lithium-ion battery, replacing a traditional lead-acid battery.

We now have a first look at what appears to be the Model Y Performance infotainment controller board that houses the AMD Ryzen chip, shared by @xiaoteshushu (via Chris Zheng @zxk9523):

Model y performance ryzen amd

Here’s a picture of the underside:

Amd ryzen controller under side

This is taking from the same AMD Ryzen powering the infotainment system in the new Model S and Model X refresh, capable of offering PlayStation 5 compute power as the chip is also powering the latter.

We also now have confirmation there is a 12V lithium-ion battery in the Model Y Performance in China (no word if this will trickle down to Long Range and rear wheel drive versions…but…likely?!), as seen below from a teardown shared by ‘Uncle Little’ on Weibo (also via Chris Zheng).

Similar to regular gas cars, a 12V battery powers lights, windows and more, including activating the main high voltage battery. This new 12V lithium-ion battery is much smaller than a regular lead-acid battery in gas cars, allowing Tesla to save space in the front area of the car, while also having a longer life cycle.

We’ve highlighted where the battery is in the image shared by ‘Uncle Little’ below:

Model y performance lid off frunk

…and here is the 12V lithium-ion battery, similar to the one found in the Model S refresh. It should have 6.9Ah and 99Wh like the one found in the new Model S:

Model y performance 12v lithium ion

A crop of the image shows it clearly states “12V Li-ion Battery” and also details part numbers “(P)1598486-00-D” and “(S)C7J2130670039…”

CleanShot 2021 11 27 at 07 56 39 2x

What other surprises will we find in the new Model Y Performance in China? Now, the big question for those outside the country for Tesla is…will retrofits be available for the Ryzen AMD controller and chip, rear acoustic glass and this new 12V Li-ion battery?