Here’s the New 12V Lithium Ion Battery in Tesla’s Model S Plaid

Photo: Tesla_Raj

Tesla Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Elon Musk said earlier this year that upcoming Model S and X units with switch to lithium-ion 12-volt batteries from previous lead-acid batteries, and now the claim has come to fruition.

Following Tesla’s Model S Plaid Delivery Event on Thursday, Tesla_Raj pointed out Tesla’s new, lithium-ion 12-volt batteries in the frunk, confirming Musk’s announcements from earlier in the year. The update can also be spotted in Tesla’s Model S Plaid manual, released after yesterday’s event.

In addition to the new battery, the Model S Plaid also debuted Tesla’s new adaptive front lighting system (AFS), as well as touch steering yoke controls, automatic shifting, a tilting touchscreen, and really fast acceleration with a “Going to Plaid” animation shown in the Roadster, among other new features.

The Tesla Model S Plaid also boasts a unique “Plaid” badge, resembling the aforementioned “Going to Plaid” animation.

Tesla also unveiled its first gaming controller and a Tesla copy of Cyberpunk 2077 after the event, following up on ambitions to eventually produce a video game of its own out of its Austin offices, which will be able to be played exclusively in Tesla cars – hopefully running as well as Cyberpunk currently does.