Tesla Making Video Game, Software and UI Teams in Austin



Tesla is currently building a few new locations, including a Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, which are expected to bring new facets of the company forward to the public.

In a new and surprising piece of information, Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory has already posted job listings for a handful of positions, including some that signal a new video game, software, and user interface. Video Games Engineer, Software Engineer (for Mobile and for the Vehicle User Interface), and Rendering Engineer are all among the new jobs posted by Tesla Austin, as shared by electrek.


While video games aren’t exactly why most consumers spend tens of thousands of dollars on their Tesla model of choice, the feature could be extremely helpful for Tesla owners with kids, or simply in the future when the company’s Autopilot self-driving feature is allowed in the streets.

In the Video Game Engineer job description, Tesla wrote, “Tesla strives to make its cars the most fun possible; bringing video game experiences to the car helps increase that fun. In this incredibly rare opportunity to help build a video games platform, we are looking for a highly motivated software engineer to help enable the best video game content to be available in-car. Come put that industry experience to great use and help us build this platform.”

Although the company already has a small, growing team working for its Tesla Arcade platform out of Bellevue, Washington, the new team is expected to be based solely out of Austin, and is sure to make the company’s cars “the most fun possible.”

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