Tesla’s Model S Tutorial Details Auto Shifting, Yoke Controls and More [VIDEO]



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If you want a closer look at how the new Model S refresh drives with its ‘yoke’ steering wheel and also how the vehicle functions with its lack of shifters, Tesla has a tutorial video for new owners.

The nearly 5-minute video covers the following topics for new Model S refresh owners:

  • Getting In and Out
  • Keys
  • Personalization
  • Shifting
  • Yoke Controls
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Charging
  • Owner’s Manual

When it comes to driving the Model S refresh, you can use the touchscreen or let the Tesla do it for you automatically.

You can also set your Model S to shift itself out of ‘Park’. Just go to Controls > Pedals & Steering > Auto Shift out of Park (Beta). When this setting is on, and your foot is on the brake in ‘park’, the Tesla will automatically decide between ‘drive’ and ‘reverse’ according to your surroundings. The intended direction is indicated on the driver’s display.

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As for Yoke steering controls, the turn signals will turn on when you touch lightly, while a firmer press engages the signal until you make your turn. High beams are enabled by a touch, or fully engaged by a harder press. The same goes for the honk control on the right, and the windshield wipers.

Click here to check out the Model S video tutorial.

Earlier tonight, Tesla delivered its first 25 Model S Plaid vehicles to lucky owners at the company’s event at its Fremont factory in California.


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