First Ride: Tesla Model S Plaid 0-100mph Acceleration [VIDEO]



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Tesla’s Model S Plaid special event tonight also provided attendees an experience of the sedan’s insane acceleration, which can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds and up to 100mph.

Tesla Raj attended the event has shared a first ride video of his Model S Plaid acceleration experience.

Inside the Model S Plaid, the Tesla employee driving the car goes slow around the bank on the test track, repeatedly noting he was letting the car in front of him go first. Next, the car enters the ‘Plaid’ lights queue, where the employee drops the car’s suspension slightly lower, known as ‘Cheetah stance’.

The employee tells the Tesla Raj and one other passenger, “ready?”, before stomping on the pedal.

“Oh my god! My stomach is in my chest! Wow!” exclaimed Tesla Raj, adding, “There are no words for that. Oh my god. You guys have done it again! Elon, you mad man!”

Check out the full video below–the 0 to 60mph acceleration is over before you know it:

There are also some other videos shared on Twitter as well:


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