First Look: Tesla Model Y Display with AMD Ryzen; Possibly 16V Li-Ion Battery Too [VIDEO]

Image: @JayinShanghai on Twitter

Tesla delivered its first Model Y Performance in China on Thursday, and the big changes were the inclusion of AMD Ryzen chips powering the company’s compact crossover SUV, taking a feature from the Model S and Model X refresh.

This trickle-down effect of AMD chips instead of Intel in China for Model Y, got many excited about the prospects of these faster chips heading to the U.S. for the smaller electric SUV.

Now, a new first look from @42how_ shows off a Model Y Performance in China with the AMD Ryzen graphics processor, which is capable of up to 10 teraflops of computing power. We only get to see the Chinese video site iQiyi, and scrolling looks very smooth:

On Thursday evening, Chris Zheng said, “the Model Y produced by Giga Shanghai is equipped with a 16V lithium battery, which replaces the traditional 12V lead-acid battery, just like Model S Plaid!”.

No images were shared of the new 16V lithium battery, which would be larger than the 12V lithium-ion found in the Model S refresh.

It’s worth noting Zheng was one of the first to share the news about AMD Ryzen being used in the Model Y Performance in China.

We’ve previously seen a picture of the 12V Li-ion battery in the refresh Model S, from earlier this summer, seen in a Plaid version of the sedan:

Photo: Tesla_Raj

Jay in Shanghai (@JayinShanghai) also got a first look at the new Model Y Performance in China. Stay tuned as we’ll likely see more videos of the infotainment and maps, to show differences of AMD Ryzen versus Intel chip performance.

As of now, it’s unclear if the Long Range Model Y will also have AMD Ryzen, or if it’s limited to the Performance version. Also, it will be interesting to find out if a retrofit for AMD Ryzen would be possible for older Model Y owners. Stay tuned for more in the coming days.