Media Tour: Inside Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai and Model Y Production [VIDEO]

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Yesterday we shared some images from Chinese media publication PC Auto, as the latter was given exclusive access inside Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the Model Y assembly line.

Now, we have a 15-minute video of the tour (it’s in Mandarin), shared by @JayinShanghai.

The takeaway: Tesla’s Model Y team is able to produce the compact crossover SUV in just two minutes, apparently. We see everything along the neat and clean assembly line, and even a peek into where Tesla workers eat their meals. It’s very fascinating and is a smart play by Tesla to show Chinese consumers just how the Model Y is made there.

The video basically dispels a previous hit piece in China that pegged Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai as having arduous working conditions.

Tesla launched Model Y sales on New Year’s day and so far the company is seeing heavy demand for the compact SUV, with new deliveries already back ordered to Q2.