Israel EV Sales Surge 700% Year-Over-Year, Tesla Dominates Segment

Tesla only began selling its cars in Israel this year, and with less than a year in the country under its belt, the company is already dominating zero-emission vehicle sales in the region.

A total of 9,600 electric vehicles (EVs) have been delivered so far this year in Israel, marking a 700 percent increase year over year from 2020, according to Globes.

The total market share for EVs in Israel has increased to 3.4 percent this year, up from just 0.7 percent of last year’s EV share in the overall auto market share.

November saw a total of 970 EVs delivered alone, of which 580 were Tesla models. The U.S. automaker has delivered 5,280 units across Israel between January and November, taking up a massive 55 percent of the overall EV market.

According to Globes, Tesla has 890 entry Model 3 vehicles set to arrive in mid-December. These cars coming from Giga Shanghai were delayed due to obtaining European standard approval. They are now waiting at a port in Europe and are expected to reach Ashdod in the second week of December.

Tesla’s Model Y is expected to start sales in Israel beginning in early Q1 of 2022, estimate sources to Globes.

Immediately following Tesla’s EV market share, the MG ZS EV has a market share of 15.3 percent, with the Aiways U5 EV trailing behind that with a market share of 4.4 percent.

An October report also showed that Tesla had captured 60 percent of the year’s EV market share in Israel, with growing competition in the region contributing to some fluctuation on Tesla’s part.

China’s Geely announced plans to rival Tesla by selling cars in Israel by the end of the year, set to debut the company’s Geometry C electric SUV.