Tesla Model Y Launch in Israel Coming Soon, Report Says

Following Tesla’s successful launch into Israel throughout the first half of this year, the company is reportedly looking to add models to its offerings in the country.

Tesla is looking to add to the Model 3 in Israel, with the Model Y expected to receive approval as soon as the fourth quarter of 2021, according to a report from Globes.

Marketing for the Model Y is expected to begin as soon as 2022, and the unit will be roughly 10 percent more expensive than the Model 3, say sources.

The Tesla Model Y Long Range (LR) is expected to sell for NIS 250,000 ($77,755 USD), while the company also plans to launch the Model S and X units in the country down the road, expected to cost at least NIS 500,000. Tesla’s Model 3 starts at NIS 179,000 ($55,672 USD) without the addition of value-added tax.

Tesla will also reportedly open its first store in Israel sometime this summer, though the company conducts most of its sales online. The first Supercharger in Israel also opened earlier this year, located in Tel Aviv at 132 Derech Menachem Begin, and containing six V3 Superchargers.

One taxi company in the country also expressed hopes to purchase Tesla Model 3s for its taxi service, though Tesla is only selling to private buyers and won’t sell the vehicle to the company for commercial use, as of yet.