2,900 Tesla Vehicles Arrived in Israel This Week, Includes Model Y: Report

Tesla began selling its electric vehicles (EVs) in Israel this year, and despite a few hold-ups, a new shipment was reportedly seen arriving into the country.

According to Globes, another huge shipment of Tesla Model 3s landed in the port of Ashdod earlier this week, totaling about 1,170 units and bringing the total number of Model 3s in the country to about 2,900 units.

The news comes after delays to Tesla’s Israel shipment were reported earlier this month due to the Palestine-Israel conflict, though a recent ceasefire has apparently allowed Tesla and Israel to continue receiving shipments of the electric Model 3 sedan.

While Tesla is largely only selling different variants of its Model 3 sedan in Israel, the recent shipment reportedly also includes some Model Y units, according to industry sources.

Earlier this month, reports said that Tesla’s upcoming Israel deliveries would arrive sooner than expected, beginning in May and continuing to extend into June.

Tesla opened the first Supercharger in Israel in March, located in Tel Aviv. The site is also set to be followed by new Supercharger locations Haifa and Eilat later this year.

The U.S. company has delivered about 402 EVs in Israel so far this year, reportedly shipped from Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai production facility.